Cagayan Provincial Hymn in Ibanag

My Notes:

My direct translation to English may be inaccurate as I am not a native speaker of the language. I have only spoken the language since I was 11 years old.

I came to learn of the provincial hymn when I was with the first batch of St. Paul University Chorale in 1999. It was great to learn it in Ybanag as Cagayan’s Capital city speaks the language. And whenever a government institution sings the hymn, I finally know how to sing it. If I am not mistaken, only Municipalities of Lal-lo, Solana, Iguig, and Tuguegarao City sing the version. Most of the northernmost municipalities of Cagayan sing either the English or Ilocano versions.

The hymn is usually sang after the Philippine National Anthem as mandated by a Cagayan Provincial Ordinance.  There are five versions that were all translated from the original Spanish composition by Pablo Bacud. The Ybanag version is sang in the capital city; the Ilocano and English versions, most municipalities; Filipino version, just a translation; Spanish, seldom or never used.



Cagayan, davvun nga cacastan niacan,
Egga ca laman nacuan ta piam,
Nu curug tu maparrayyu ca niacan,
Ariat ta ca vuluvvuga nga cattamman.

Cagayan, maquemmemmi ca nga innan.
Cagayan, auan tu caguittam.
Nu anni paga y casta na davvun caruan
Egga ca la ta futu nga idedducan.



Cagayan, a beautiful land for me,
you only have done good,
if it’s true that you flee far from me,
I won’t intend to forget you.

Cagayan, you are dear to see,
Cagayan, you are incomparable,
however beautiful other lands would be,
You are in my heart forever loved.



Cagayan, my valley home is dear to me,
Though from her my footsteps far stray,
Over mountains, plains, beyond the deep blue sea
I shall love her ever be where’er I may.

Cagayan, O smiling land of beauty
Cagayan, my heart clings unto thee;
Though from thee my footsteps far away may stray
I shall love thee ever thee be where’er I may.


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2 Responses to Cagayan Provincial Hymn in Ibanag

  1. Joannes Bacud says:

    I am the son of Atty. Pablo Bacud, he was still a student then when he had written the Cagayan Hymn. That is the legacy he left behind to his motherland-Cagayan. Im so proud of him!

  2. I remember singing the hymn, both in Ibanag and English when I was only in grade school. That was over 50 years ago.

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